About Fit Wit Class

FWC is a brand that represents influence, strength, power, love, faith and confidence. Fit Wit Class is a lifestyle. It’s a brand that represents the woman that’s doing her best. This woman strives to work her lane and not be influenced by social norms.

A healthy, active and spiritual lifestyle designed to push one to new heights, growth and positive life changes. That’s what we’re about. That’s what Fit Wit Class is. It’s a brand that represents a lifestyle you can LIVE with. One that enriches you and those around you. One that is deeply influential. One that is active.


FWC is a movement that aims to represent the woman that can stand on her own and who embraces who she is, not who the world tells her she is. We are an exclusive brand for the exclusive woman. The rare woman. FWC isn’t like any other brand and the Fit Wit Class woman isn’t like any other woman. She’s different and so are we.  


Please join us. Let’s encourage one another to live out the life we were destined to live. At FWC, our goal is to not only encourage you, but also to provide you with the best quality products to support your rich lifestyle. From books and dietary supplements to quality fitness gear, we strive to do our part to help each and every one of you get equipped and develop a lifestyle that you can LIVE with.